Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My mother, my bestfriend

it's been nine months since you've gone
but the footprints that you have done
will always be a mark in my heart

i miss the talks
i miss the walks
i miss every bit that we have shared

when you left
i lost a mother and a best friend
rolled into one...

i miss you so much mama...


on the spot writing, need to release some emotions....thanks kiko for the inspiration


  1. aw sweetie, what a soft and tender and touching post! i feel your loss...i lost my father two years ago...and it's the laughing and joking and the voice you sometimes feel like you need to hear, right...

    you are so cute to be worried for me and where it was I disappeared to...but don't worry, I just needed a break and the family is all off on vacation taking up way more of my spare time! lol

    even my husband is home for a month!

    ciao bella
    come again!

    creative carmelina