Thursday, July 22, 2010

missing you....

i can still remember our final goodbye
i know it in my head but my heart refuse
i miss you more each day

i miss the caring grandfather who spoils me
i miss the tenderness and love you have for me
i miss the selfless person to me

i thank you for the advice
i thank you for believing in me
i thank you for being your pride

i'm sorry if i was not there
i'm sorry if i was not in your final resting
i'm sorry if i still cries a lot...i just can't help but miss you lolo

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gift/Note Cards

Last weekend I was a lazy butt..I did not went out as much as I wanna roam around but the hot weather and humidity makes me stay at home. I have cleaned the house, do the laundry and of course cooking.

While cleaning i find few card stocks stash. I cannot afford to put them in garbage so i turn them into 3x3 notes/ gift cards. Here are the finish product.

You can check card one by one in here

thanks for looking...♥♥♥

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Serg's Chocolates..

If you are between my age you know what I am talking about.. This is one of the most popular local chocolates we had at that time.

Other than the yummy taste this chocolates offers to me it's always associated with great memories on it... I usually have boxes of this chocolates from my beloved grandfather... He never fails to bring few bars or even boxes every time he went out to get some grocery for the family...i can still remember how i waited for him patiently in the house porch. That was one of the old good childhood memories.

I can also associate this delicious chocolate to my first love, he knows very well how much i love this. He see to it that once in a while he gave me box of this kind of chocolates...He was one of those kindest person i have known..Wherever he is right now, i wish him all the best!

♥ xoxo ♥