Sunday, September 5, 2010

Soar High

I had a twist and turns of my life in the last few years., It was so fast a lot of things happen in a blink and so.In one point to another I need to give up what i want in life for the better of those people dear to me. I always had a race with time and resources , a lot of things to keep up that I need to shorten those days when I feel sad because I need to be fine. Because I want them to feel that I am.

And in just a month ago I stop working. The company I worked with was affected by the global crisis. They need to downsize the number of there employees, and I was one of those they need to give up.I got a partime job which last for a month.

Todayis the first day to be full jobless...a lot of realization, taking time to stop and decern. A lot of things need organization and attention. But one thing I am sure of , I want to soar high as high as a kite can achieve making all my hearts rightful desire come true..

Thursday, September 2, 2010


In our lifes's journey we have a lot of things to be thankful of. The basic needs, the comfort of life.The family that was given to us and the friendship that we share to other people during life's journey.

I am very thankful for having a wonderful family and and a very close knit among the clan, blessed also with wonderful friends whom i consider a family too.

Last year 2009 is a bittersweet year for me. Sweet because It was the year of our church marriage. I for one believe that we need God's blessing in the union of two hearts. After over a year of having our civil rites we finally made a step of commiting ourselve in the fullness of the Lord.

It was then a painful year for i lost two special people in my life. A grandfather and my beloved mother. Both are inspiration to me. They are both my mento into the journey that we all call life. They are the living example of God's unconditional LOVE. They are both selfless for the family.

Lossing them both in a span of three months was not an easy journey to me.It was one my life's twist. I got lost for a while, but then i was THANKFUL to have wonderful people who stood with me all throughout. I don't need to enumerate them for they know who they are. To all of you Thanks so much!!!

I have made this cards to send them. In making this cards i realize how beautiful life is...and it makes me more Thankful each and evryday i live.

To see my cards you may click here and the previous cards i made here

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Remembering Lolo ...

Today i start my day with a mass in remembrance to my life's HERO , my grandfather..You are gone but our memmories will always be in my heart forever. I miss you so much lolo and thank you for your love and you always

my grandparents taken around 3 years ago