Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My mother, my bestfriend

it's been nine months since you've gone
but the footprints that you have done
will always be a mark in my heart

i miss the talks
i miss the walks
i miss every bit that we have shared

when you left
i lost a mother and a best friend
rolled into one...

i miss you so much mama...


on the spot writing, need to release some emotions....thanks kiko for the inspiration

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blog Notes

I have been visiting one blog to another lately to get inspiration and simply to appreciate the wonderful works of bloggers around the world. But then its hard for me to remember all blogs that i want to visit again sometime do I made this L.O. to jot down the name of the blogs that i will be visiting again every now and then..

I just want to share to you my Blog Book

hope you like it ....TFL

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shrimp Guinataan

I really love to eat shrimp, that's why i attempted to cook a shrimp with string beans and squash. This is my first time with this kind of recipe since i never tasted this one way back in Cebu. But i love the taste and all.

hahaha. does not look good in the pics but sure its perfect.hihihi

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Church Wedding Anniversary

Charlie and I had our civil marriage for the last two years and seven months..But then today is our first wedding anniversary in the in the eyes of the Lord and in the people who shares with us in this chapter of our life.

this was taken after the I do's

Looking back, our church wedding is the most memorable day of my life. Not just because I marry the person i love the most but it's also the last important event of my life that i shared with my beloved mother.

It was a day of thanksgiving a pure joy in everybody's heart...Looking back our wedding day made me appreciate more of the people who loved us and shared with us on appreciating the beautiful life.

as my parents meet me halfway...i miss mom more than ever


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Card for Papa

In few days from now we will be celebrating fathers day. I have prepare two card for my father and my father in law. It's very simple since i don't have enough embellishment suitable for man. Anyway its the thought that counts..hahahha

this is my card for my dear papa
{i used black since we are still mourning for loosing mama, a touch of red to see that life is still beautiful}

and this is for papa Bien my father in law., i choose many colors beacause he is a happy person.

to you both i wish and pray that our Lord will give you more years to enjoy the beauty of life. Take care of yourselves and i love you both!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Our Lady of Fatima

After my college graduation, that was May of 1997 when started to gather the children and the youth at that time in our subdivision back in Villa Leyson. I taught the youth the basic of Catholic Catechism and the we have our daily catechism classes an the Flores de Mayo right after.

It was very inspiring to receive compliments from the parents who appreciated our work and who has been supporting us all the way to the success of our yearly Flores de Mayo and the October month of the rosary.

Time flies that the older ones get married and other went abroad. But, what makes me so happy is that the younger generation continued the service and am so happy to see that the service that I have started 13 years ago continued and touch the heart of the new generation.

I will always be a proud Katekista... And I thanks you from the bottom of my heart all those people who has been very supportive to us.

The new generation tag me the shirt design that they created...and i am so happy to see my name in there.. yay..

shirt in front

shirt at the back
did you see my name? I will forever be there Ate Che!!!

☺ ☺☺

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Journey to our kitchen...

Last night I did my first ever HUMBA. It's a popular recipe if you're from the south of the Philippines particularly "Bisaya" as we call ourselves.I am so happy it works well, even if it did not taste like the one of my folks but then I was complimented.. =)

I was never a cooked even before. I just cook for my own consumption, but then now that I got married (actually been married for over 2 years now) i need to feed my husband. So the learning begun.

To give you a look i came from a family who loves to cook my late mother is one of those people who's been admired and popular with her specialty which is Calderetang Kanding (Goat Caldereta) and Paklay(It's recipe with all internal organs in it) on t5he other hand my father is popular on his "inununan isda" (Fish Paksiw) and a lot more to name. In my side I am the consumer..lol knowing that both my parents cooked as well as there siblings so why do I? hehehehe i just ate what they prepare. But then when I went out of the country I have no other choice but to cook.

Wish me luck in my journey to cooking. I will be posting every now and then the ups and down in my journey inside our kitchen.. wish me luck


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Nest...

New place, new people , new environment, new inspiration..looking forward for a better me and and inspiring me