Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Journey to our kitchen...

Last night I did my first ever HUMBA. It's a popular recipe if you're from the south of the Philippines particularly "Bisaya" as we call ourselves.I am so happy it works well, even if it did not taste like the one of my folks but then I was complimented.. =)

I was never a cooked even before. I just cook for my own consumption, but then now that I got married (actually been married for over 2 years now) i need to feed my husband. So the learning begun.

To give you a look i came from a family who loves to cook my late mother is one of those people who's been admired and popular with her specialty which is Calderetang Kanding (Goat Caldereta) and Paklay(It's recipe with all internal organs in it) on t5he other hand my father is popular on his "inununan isda" (Fish Paksiw) and a lot more to name. In my side I am the knowing that both my parents cooked as well as there siblings so why do I? hehehehe i just ate what they prepare. But then when I went out of the country I have no other choice but to cook.

Wish me luck in my journey to cooking. I will be posting every now and then the ups and down in my journey inside our kitchen.. wish me luck



  1. Wishing you the best!
    I like the humba, it's kinda' Adobo style with sauce,
    I have 1 recipe in my "baul" - Creamy Beef, specially created only here in Qatar :) I'll send it to your mail

  2. thank you so much boss...rami ko gusto gawin noh? yep arcel told me masarap ka daw mag luto sige share mo sa akin ha..yong mga luto na puede dito lang ( w/ limitaion ika nga)

  3. cooking is one of my's so much fun to experiment in the kitchen with all sorts of fresh ingredients....herbs...spices...vegetables.....

    ahh..i had better go into the kitchen right now and start making dinner for my family! thanks for reminding me to get off the computer!

    have a great and creative day!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. sarap nga ng humba .that is also a popular this from bicol.

  5. mommy tates: share mo nman sa aking yong iba recipe mo.miss bonding with you...mwaaah