Saturday, June 5, 2010


Our Lady of Fatima

After my college graduation, that was May of 1997 when started to gather the children and the youth at that time in our subdivision back in Villa Leyson. I taught the youth the basic of Catholic Catechism and the we have our daily catechism classes an the Flores de Mayo right after.

It was very inspiring to receive compliments from the parents who appreciated our work and who has been supporting us all the way to the success of our yearly Flores de Mayo and the October month of the rosary.

Time flies that the older ones get married and other went abroad. But, what makes me so happy is that the younger generation continued the service and am so happy to see that the service that I have started 13 years ago continued and touch the heart of the new generation.

I will always be a proud Katekista... And I thanks you from the bottom of my heart all those people who has been very supportive to us.

The new generation tag me the shirt design that they created...and i am so happy to see my name in there.. yay..

shirt in front

shirt at the back
did you see my name? I will forever be there Ate Che!!!

☺ ☺☺


  1. I love the T-shirt illustration!! And all the names! Classic!

  2. thanks..same here..i'm so excited to get my share *wink*wink*