Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bills Organizer/Holder

As promised, I am back to show you another project. My first felt project. Early tonight, my housemate and a dear friend Owee is asking me some envelopes to be used as a bill organizer/holder. I told him why not use felt instead. And he likes the idea better.

After few hours while watching the Filipino news online and having chit chats with them  here is what i come up with., made with love for my dear Owee.

                                                                Bills Holder/Organizer

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Its my day..

Yeah it's definitely my day, not because its my birthday or our anniversary, but simply because i am done with another card while having my morning hot chocolate at my side. Actually I am not sure if this is a wedding card or a birthday card, anyway i think i can use this in either of the two. So here my card for today.

I hope you like it. I will be off for grocery..see yeah later..

Altered Tin Cans

Hello everyone...I'm back after another long break. Well maybe this time i will be more active since I already stop working and i will be off for a longer vacation back to my very own Philippines.

We all knew that March is the craft month. Yes i know we are already in the middle of the month but then this will not stop me from crafting. I wish I will more productive this time since I really plan to create at least 31 crafts to cover the whole month. Well wish me luck then.

This are some of the tin cans that I recycled to be used as a holder to my pens and scissors. The tin cans is so boring then, so I decided to give a life.


I wrap the tin cans with some colored and design papers, put some embellishments such as ribbons, rik-raks and flowers to make it more attractive and colorful. Viola, my stuff has a new attractive container. Check the picture below.


Have a wonderful day everyone. I will be back tomorrow for a new project.