Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Altered Tin Cans

Hello everyone...I'm back after another long break. Well maybe this time i will be more active since I already stop working and i will be off for a longer vacation back to my very own Philippines.

We all knew that March is the craft month. Yes i know we are already in the middle of the month but then this will not stop me from crafting. I wish I will more productive this time since I really plan to create at least 31 crafts to cover the whole month. Well wish me luck then.

This are some of the tin cans that I recycled to be used as a holder to my pens and scissors. The tin cans is so boring then, so I decided to give a life.


I wrap the tin cans with some colored and design papers, put some embellishments such as ribbons, rik-raks and flowers to make it more attractive and colorful. Viola, my stuff has a new attractive container. Check the picture below.


Have a wonderful day everyone. I will be back tomorrow for a new project. 

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