Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thank You!

Life for me has been a roller coaster in the past few years. Most specially last year when my mom passed away after 4 years of of bearing the kidney failure. Not long after my mother died my paternal grandfather also died. It was so painful indeed. My world the turn upside down financially and emotionally.

Not to mention the sickness of my husband and the vehicular accident that my cousins had just in front of the funeral where my mom was laid.

When i try to look back it is very hard to carry on such storms in our lives. They say when it rains it really pours. but then in spite of all the trials i have been through I am still thankful of those wonderful heart who stood with us from the day one of my mothers sickness until the time we put her into the final resting. To all of you i know thank you is not enough.

With that i did a few thank you cards in which I would be giving to those people whom we share with us in this journey that we call life. I just wanna share with you one of those thank you cards that i made.

to view more of the card that i made please click here

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