Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Fiesta..

I remember those days i was still in the Philippines, I always look forward every last Saturday of April. Its the feast of my paternal grandparents place in San Jose Talibon Bohol. It's always a day filled with laughter and joy. Reunions, long chit chat and a lot more. Foods,family and friends... today is another fiesta that i miss, but then somehow, I am not also ready to be there since this is the first fiesta since my grandfather passed away. I have lot of wonderful memories with him that will always be treasured in my heart forever.

I am sharing you some pics that always reminds me that there is always what we call home.

this is the humble home of my lolo & lola

and this is the last decent pix i was able to take before my lolo got very weak...this was taken Oct 2007 my lolo this time is 89 and lola is 83.

this is home, where my heart belongs...have a wonderful Saturday night every one.

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