Thursday, April 15, 2010

Absentee Voting...

Being a law abiding citezen (kuno) my husband and i cast our vote today in Philppine Embassy Qatar. During our lunch break we excused from our work to fulfill our obligation to our beloved Philippines.
I was a little bit disappointed since i was expecting in an automated election, but the when we arrive there the election was done manually.. an guess what they are only using a box made of cartoon for the ballot box.tsk tsk u think my vote will be safe then?

This are some pics that i took inside...sssshhhh. don't tell anyone kasi bwal daw. hehehehe

this is the table where you get your blank ballot

my official ballot

i just hope this election will be a meaningful one. Hope this will somehow improve the country's situation specially the less fortunate one.For me it is because its a new experience voting in a foreign land

happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Wonder who you voted for? How I wish na makaboto rin ako...

  2. =) bet didn't make it...