Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The One

Last night i joined the other expats here in Qatar in there MMM (Monthly Monday Munch) this time we went to The One Restaurant in Landmark. It was a very cozy place, the restaurant is located in the second floor of a high end furniture shop. Isn't it unique? The food was so good and not expensive either.

I really had fun eve if there were only four of us who showed up namely Arcel(Filipina), Mandilulur(American), Shazzy ( Indian-British). We talk a lot but most of the conversation runs into culture and history. what can u expect we came from different regions obviously we want to learn how an ordinary life look like in there own country. Well to wrap up it was fun and I look forward in the next MMM. Wake up call during the conversation, i guess i need now to pick up my current events and books.gathering like this makes me realized that that my knife needs to be sharpen(hehehe) I need to say goodbye to online games and say hello again to my books. Thanks Arcel for tagging me...mwaah

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