Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Craft Goodies

I am very happy this month i receive two mails loaded with craft stuff. I am really excited to start playing on this very soon. Let me just finish settle some issues of moving out in our current place. I am happy to share this gift to you out there

this are the mail from Ann that arrives last May 12 all the way from Denmark

and this are the gifts coming from Claire that arrives yesterday May 26 coming all the way from U.S.A.

the other i like when i start creating my blog for crafting is that i don't only get enjoy my hobby but i find new friends all over the globe.thank you so much friends for the wonderful gifts..



  1. wow i happy for you buddy :) try to visit my "negosyo" in multiply bersikulo

  2. can't wait to see when you play with your goodies! its nice to meet you too through this hobby.